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Emergency Rule of 1975-77 & Sourashtra Community Fighters

Emergency rule of 1975-77 declared by Ex. Prime Minister Indra Gandi after judgment of Allahabad High Court disqualifies her Parlimentary Membership (MP).  This judgement came after Mr. Raj Narayan filed a case against her, and accused her that ' she bribed voters and spend lakhs of money on election to win '.   She does not agreed this judgment and moved to Suprement Court.  Meanwhile she made changes in Election laws to survive her Government.  After that, Publishing medias, News papers forced NOT to publish opposition political partie's news,  and strictly censored.  Opposition leaders treated badly.  Many of them jailed like JP @ Jayaprakash Narayan, Morarji Desai.

Agitation against this Emergency Rule by opposition political parties planned.  Then in Gandian way, "Sathyagrah" called by RSS against Emergency Rule.  In Tamil nadu, DMK headed State Government also faced problem from Indira Government and many DMK leaders also arrested under MISA act.  Finally DMK lead State Government of Tamil Nadu was dismissed by Indra Congress.

A national all political party movement formed to face emergency rule.  Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sang and Jana Sang and other political parties strongly condemned this injustice rule.   Many Sourashtra community people participated against 'Emergency rule ' and it is called as " The second freedome movement".

After two year agitation, Indira Government withdrawn Ban on opposition parties and Emergency rule. The two year long non-stop agitation and its victory was written as
a book called " PORATTAM" released in 1978.  Publisher N.M. Sukumaran, Channai.

The Participants of sourashtra people by chronicle order of Sathyagrahi agitation details :

The Sathyagrahi against Emergency rule of Indira Congress Govt, On 20-11-1975 at Paramakudi, M.N.Subbaraman leaded a agitation and demanding freedom.  On 27-11-1975 at Salem P.S. Jawaharlal leaded a Sathyagrah.

( Sri. K.N. Lakshmanan )
( Foremer State President, Bharatiya Janata Party, Tamil Nadu )
(Ex. M.L.A. Tamil Nadu Assembly, 2001 - 2006)

On 1-1-1976 at Salem; Jana Sangh (BJP) Vice President Sri. K.N. Lakshmanan leaded a Sathyagrah against Emergency.
And other Sathgraha group leader from sourashtra community are :
S.V. Govindarao, Tailor, Kumbakonam,
P.N. Krishnamachari, Weaver, Paramakudi,
M.L. Subbaraman, Business, Paramakudi,
A.N.Hari Govindan, Socialist Party, Paramakudi,
M.G. Ramamurthy, Business, Janasangh, Paramakudi,
A.R. Krishnan, Weaver, Janasangh, Paramakudi
S.A. Naganathan, Weaver, Janasangh, Paramakudi
Smt. T.S. Savithri, Janasangh, Paramakudi
M.V. Rajan, Weaver, Madurai
N.R. Ramamurthy, Doctor, Madurai,
T.G. Vatsala, Madurai,
P. Ramasamy, Weaver, Socialist party, Salem
V. Nagalingam, Weaver, RSS, Salem
Ramamurthy, Weaver, Janasangh, Valajapet
and many more participated.
(Source. PORATTAM, Jan. 1978 First Edition)

A interesting incident remembered by some elders.  " The period when emergency rule declared, even a distribution of  a bit notice of opposition parties are also a crime !! So we cant stock this notices-publications neither in hand nor  in our home.  We hide and  kept these notice-publishings under a step of a house which used to pass a ditch !

Kullan. Kuppier, and Putta. Vittal of Salem was arrested and tourchered.  They drove away in Yercaud forest by the police as nakedly..." 

Finally democracy established.  Brutal punishment on opposition leaders and supporters came to an end.  A drama of Indira Gandi to survive on power came to an end.

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