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Some Northern Saurashtra's Books

પુસ્તકો ( सौराष्ट्र भाषाये पुस्थवुन ) சௌராஷ்ட்ர  புஸ்தவுன்

A book called " Nachu Geetun " written by Guchun K.L. Anantharaman Published by Swadesh Publishers, Tirubuvanam, Tanjure.  It contains more than fifty Songs.  All are Famous Tamil Cinema Song and translated in Sourashtri Language by the author.  Because of Sourashtra Community migrated to Tamil Nadu 1000 years before, the development of Sourashtri language requires these kind of work also.
Saurashtra nu Sant Sahitya- published by Sat-Nirvan Foundation Ghoghavadar 2000. A collection of articles on saints (of different Disciplines), their practices and doctrines, with introductory notes on about 356 Saint-poets.

२) Rang Shard ni Ratadi- published by Rangrekha Trust, Rajkot 1987. A compilation of poems on ‘Sharad Ritu’ (The time of onset of winter). Co-edited with Dr. P. R. Taraiya.

३) Krishna Gan- published by Vidyottejak Samaj, Rajkot 1989. A compilation of poems on Shri Krishna and related theme: Co-edited with Shri Labhubhai Trivedi:

4) Bhajan-Mimansa.- Published by Rannade publisher, Ahmadabad 1990. A compilation of articles on oral tradition of ‘Sant Vani” discussing origin, form and development of tradition of ‘bhajan.’

5) Dudhai Vadvala Dham na Daivi Santo- published by Dudhai vadvala Devsthan, 1990. A compilation of articles on one of the most ancient clan of saints of Dudhrej-Dudhai.

६) Santvani nu Satva and Saudarya- published by Pravin Prakashan, Rajkot 1994. Co-edited with Dr. Nathalal Gohil and Dr. Manoj Raval. A compilation of critical articles on the form of ‘Sant Vani’. (Litterature produced by and pertaining to saints)

7 ) ‘Bijmargi Gupt Pat Upasna ane Mahapanthi Santo ni Vani’- published by Gujarat Sahitya Academy 1995. A volume on a mystic tradition of ‘Bijmarg’, containing its secret mantras, details regarding its rites and rituals, bhajans and other information of this mystic discipline.

८) ‘Premsakhi Premanand na Shresth Kavyo’, published by Navbharat Sahitya Mandir, Ahmadabad 1995. A compilation of poems by Premanand, a saint-poet of Swaminarayan Sect.

9 ) ‘Muldasji na Kavyo’ (edited) Publishers: Navbharat Sahitya Mandir, Ahmadabad, 1996. A collection of poems by Muldasji, a saint poet of medieval period.

10 ) ‘Sandhya Sumiran’, – publishers: Kabir Ashram, Jamnagar 1996. (An edited work with explanatory notes)

11 Anand nu Zarnu 1997. A collection of philosophical and metaphysical articles.

12 Shri Jamnavada Rajyaguru Audichya Brahmin Parivar no Sankshipt Pramanbhut Itihas- published in 1998.

13  Satni Sarvani Published by R. R. Sheth & Co., Amdavad 2000 A compilation of 108 padas on the theme of bhakti, gyan and yoga by more than 75 practicing poet-saints of oral-tradition.
14  Ram – Doohai
15  Maram Jane मकरंदा
16  Vir Vtsaraj
17. Aapni Gyati ane Apane
18. Hajal Dada Charitra

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Saurashtra-Sorath Kathiyavad News Samachar

Saurashtra-Sorath Kathiyavad News Samachar Gujarat India

MP demands statehood for Saurashtra, Gujarat Congress says its personal opinion.

Even as Congress’ Porbandar MP Vithal Radadiya has demanded a separate state of Saurashtra, the state Congress has washed its hands off the issue. Senior party leaders in Ahmedabad made it clear that it’s Radadiya’s personal opinion and the party would discuss the matter with him.

Two days after the UPA government gave its nod for a separate state of Telangana, Radadiya said: “I will formally represent the matter before the Centre next week. We will do everything required to make the proposal.”

The Saurashtra Lokhit Sangathan Samiti, which was led by a former Congress minister, Mansukh Joshi from Rajkot City, had raised the issue for the first time many years ago.

According to Radadiya, the region consisting of seven districts — Rajkot, Porbandar, Junagadh, Jamnagar, Amreli, Surendranagar and Bhavnagar — has never been accorded just treatment.

Even though the region makes the biggest contribution to the exchequer, it has not seen much development. Barring petrochemical refineries in Jamnagar, the rest of the region is still industrially underdeveloped, he said, adding that the state government cannot take credit for Jamnagar’s development.

Whatever development has taken place in Kutch is due to foreign aid and tax holidays announced after the 2001 earthquake, his added. The MP said: “Even though the region’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture, there is still no proper irrigation facility. Besides, the future development of industries is limited between Vapi and Ahmedabad and not in Saurashtra.”

Bhavnagar MLA, Shaktisinh Gohil, who is also a Congress strongman from Saurashtra, refused to comment on the issue.

State party president Siddharth Patel called it Radadiya’s personal view not shared by the party.

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