Monday, May 11, 2009


For the past few hundreds of year from migration (1400 years before) from Saurashtra, we celebrate Rama-navami and Krishna Jayanthi (Janmashtami) traditionally without gap. Usually Rama navami celebrated ten days and Krishna jayanthi takes one day. The folk-dance in humor form has performed entire Ramayana on the ten-day celebration. Now a days particularly for the past 30 years the celebration comes nearly an end in Tamil Nadu sourashtrians. No folk singers remaining. Now in Salem only one folk-singer is remaining. No folk dancers! To preserve and save the tradition, an organisation and folk group created by G.R. Paneer selvam. The organisation called SALEM SAURASHTRA SRI KRISHNA BRINDAVANA KOLATTA KALAI KUZU. Stated at 1989.

The folk group now in Male and female group as its part.

The male group performed many programmes in many occasions at Tirupati Devastanam, Taramangalam Temple, Chinna tirupati Temple, Sri Rangam Temple, Prahadeeswara temple's Kumbabishekam, Tanjore and as usually yearly Rama navami and Krishna jayanthi in Salem.

They also conducted one Sourashtra language play and patti manram.

The contacting persons are G.R. Tulasiram & G.R. Paneer selvam, Cell PHone : 9790619522.