Thursday, December 1, 2011

HISTORY ON A BANNER - Written by Nana Chudasama

Narendrasinhji Mansinghji Chudasama, more popularly known as Nana Chudasama is an eminent activist representing the common man, and a former Sheriff of Mumbai. Born in a prominent Rajput family from Saurashtra, he was the second of four sons.

Nana became the founder of the NGO Giants International which has over 500 branches spread all across India and in 10 countries abroad. Giants undertakes projects that have an immense impact on society, such as family welfare, disaster management, education and environment.

HISTORY ON A BANNER is a compilation of Nana Chudasama’s thought-provoking Marine Drive banners – embedded in satire, puns and humour. The book echoes the voice of the common man and is a fascinating journey into the archives of history. It is an interesting chronicle of recent events which have been instrumental in shaping our collective destinies. To those who have not had the fortune of savouring the rib-tickling humour and sarcasm of Nana Chudasama until now, this book is an invitation to do so. Enjoy the dreams and angst of the common man reflected effectively in Nana Chudasama’s banners!


MANIK MORE said...

Mr Nana Chudasama has a great sense of humour. Many Salutes to U sir. Your recent catching sentence of "Road to Tihar Jaill goes through Parliament" is a shame on Indian Political creed.We can certainly say to our so called political leaders that
"Barbad-A-Gulista Karneko,
Bus Ek hi Ullu Kafi Hai,
Yahan Har Shakhpar Ullu Baithe Hai, Na Jane Es Chaman Ka Kya Hoga?
Comman man is unaware about how the criminals are sponsored by political parties? Mr Nana Chudasama may kindly give a solution so that criminals are not put before the voters for their votes? I feel as long as criminals are not sent to temple of power, no Indian will enjoy the fruits of democracy. Fruits are eaten at the stake of common man by few established communities. How long we have to bear this democracy by the criminals, for the criminals for the criminals?

MANIK MORE said...


Correction required to the sentence :
"I feel as long as criminals are sent to temple of power, no Indian will enjoy the fruits of democracy." and
the phrase for Democracy "

democracy by the criminals, for the criminals of the criminals?"
over sight is regreated.