Monday, February 6, 2012

Bhagwathi Randal's abode at Dadva, Saurashtra

Bhagwathi Randal - Randal Maa is the Goddess who appeared as the daughter of Vishwakarma  ( God of Architecture ). She is known as Sandhya and Chhaya in the Vedas.

She came down to earth as a form of a girl when the earth dried upand there was no granary and fruit growing due to no rain. She made the clouds thunder and the clouds burst out with rain, the soil became rich as her feet touch the earth. Soon all the fields and gardens begun to bloom green. She was no ordinary girl but had super natural powers from which she healed the sick and cured them including the blind. Couples who could not give birth to children beared fruit due to the powers of Randal Maa. She is known to be the wife of Surya ( God of the Sun ).

Randal Maa once took a form of a horse ( Ghodi ) and came to earth. Surya wanted her to stay with her, Thus she divided herself into two forms Sandhya ( twilight ) and Chhaya ( Shadow ) She is also worshiped today and her miraculous powers still exist as she is possesed by many. People get healed from her possesed spirit and seek her for guidance in relationships and other matters in life. Her main Temple is located in Dadva, Saurashtra in Gujrat.

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