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Veer Hamirji Movie & Saurashtra Veer

‘ Veer Hamirji – Somnath ni Sakhate’

Brief Description:

Inspired by literary compositions of Great poet Sri Zaverchand Meghani, Kalapi, Sri Jaymal Parmar and Deepak Vyas, written by Sri Deven Shah and directed by Nilesh Mohite, "Veer Hamirji"the movie is based on historical story of great warrior ' Hamirji Gohil ' who fought and sacrifices his life to save the great 'Somnath Temple'. Hamirji Gohil is a legend amongst Rajputs and Gohil samaj of Saurashtra ( like Shivaji in Maharashtra). There is a monument to his memory in front of the temple of Somanath in Veraval, Saurashtra, Gujarat.

Flavors of movie:

- This movie is supported by lots of research of historical books through it’s based on real story

- Major part of the actors are from performing arts and all important roles are played by well-known famous actors of the Industry ie. Mrs Sonya shah, Mr.Pramthesh Mehta, Mr. Cetan Doshi,

- Movie directed by Mr. Nilesh Mohite famous TV cum Film actor of Gujarati film Industry and Gold Medalist MPA

- This will be the first international movie that will be released first in Guajarati.

About Music

Music is the key strength of this movie, we have developed good situational and melodious songs.

We obtained permission to use ‘Kasumbi no rang’ Well-known folk song written by National poet Mr. Zaverchand Meghani. This song is never used as a film song till now and it’s very much popular in Gujarat. This song is sung by Mr. Kirtidan Gadhvi who is famous folk singer of Gujarat.

Esteemed well known singers such as Ms Aishwarya Majmoddar ( Amul Star voice of India winner) and Mrs. Vatsala ben patil, welknown folk singer of Gujarat as well as others provided the voice to the songs. Music is directed by Mr. Samir Rawal, Dolphin Studio, Ahmedabad.

The music includes Arti, garbo, romantic song, bhil song, shaurya geet and duhas. The Audio CD is available for purchase at Major music stores. or Contact Sandeep Pathak at 09898183187.

The Main attractions are ...

Somnath Dada ni Aarti
Mataji no Garbo
'Kasumbi no Rang' folk song and Duhas
Shaurya Geet Developed for Veer hamirji
Melodious Romentic song and Bhil Song

Details for movie Saurashtra Veer

Name  :  Saurashtra Veer
ColourBlack and White
Hero : Parshwanath Yeshwant Altekar
Heroine : Amir Banu
Cinematographer : Bhogilal Dave
Director : Nanubhai Desai
Release Date : 01-Jan-1926
Format : 35MM
Language : Hindi
Produced by : Sharada Film Co.

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