Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unwritten Language

Being one of the language, which gave its part to form Sanskrit language ( As in Panini's Sanskrit vyakarana ) its influence in every language of India and Indo-Aryan language families. Not it is spoken in traditional way by nearly ten lakh people. But not till not in " Scheduled language List " released by Government of India. In the scheduled languages list, it is wrongly mentioned as a dialect of Gujarati language.!

Though there is no script for sourashtra language. It is spoken like veda till the recent years. And another interesting thing is only the migrators of sourashtra are preserving the language. The original sourashtra living people used to speak Gujarati. Gujarati has very large persian influence. But the migrators of sourashtra ( living in South India ) is in old form like Sanskrit and having influence of Telugu and Tamil.

Recently Central Institute of Indian Languages came forward to assist the development of Sourashtra language. It proposed to follow Devanagari script to write sourashtra language. All India Sourashtra Madhya Sabha trying to teach Sourashtra language in their educational institutions through Devanagari script. The adoption of Devanagari script for sourashtra language in progress. A primary book is going to release by CIIL.

Considering sounds, For hrasva sound two more alphabets added in devanagar script, to write sourashtra. It is followed from the Guide line of Government of India's ' Parivarthana Devanagari Script Chart " . It is in above picture.

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